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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mothers who ... supervise their kids homework after the age of 10

A conversation I had with a known control-freak, helicopter, anonymous mother:

(Me) 'M has got woodwork this semester.'

(OM) 'Oh, we've got sewing.  You wouldn't think that was hard, but it is.'

'Is that right?'

'Oh, yes.  I have to run around and get the material, then measure it up for C.  The homework assignment was excruciating.  I spent forever on that.'

'You did?'

'Yeah, it took a whole weekend.  Next semester's worse though.'


'We've got metalwork!'

We've got metalwork?  I spent forever on that assignment?  Maybe I'm a bit traditional, but I let my children do their own assignments and homework.  I offer to help, and perhaps I'll scan my eye over them occasionally to make sure they're answering the correct questions and not basing an entire essay on Minecraft.  But that is the extent of it.  I felt guilty when the OM said this, then went on to explain where her kids were at with various assignments, and how overloaded they were with homework, yada yada yada.  But my guilt lasted for about a nanosecond.  I'm pleased my kids can do their own homework, at their own pace, without me breathing down their necks all the time.  That is a vital skill, and I can't help wondering what C. will do in the workplace when he gets there without such a skill.  Mother can't be there all the time ... can she?

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