I'm not really a ranting type of person in real life. Honestly, I'm not. This is my healthy therapy space where I can write about what ticks me off about other mothers, rather than having it rolling about in my head like a boiling vat of snakes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mothers who ... think their kids are the best, and think everyone else should, too

I sympathise with this one, I really do.  But you all know you're not right out there, because it is my kids that are the best, OK?  Don't even try to claim otherwise.

What peeves me sometimes is that parents feel that everyone else should indulge their children the same way they do.  For example:

Now, you know the sort of kid this mother is describing.  He's the one who runs around unrestrained and unnoticed (or even worse, encouraged) by his parents, staring at other people, interrupting whatever they're doing, and generally expecting to be number one with everyone in his vicinity.  But according to this mother, he just wants what he wants.  NOW!  And she doesn't want to stop him because that's when he gets pissed, and we can't be involved in discipline in a public place, can we?

Note to this mother: I like kids, but I don't want to have to have anything to do with yours unless I choose to.  I don't care if he gets pissed if I don't make funny faces at him as he so clearly wants me to do.  I am not your child's entertainer or babysitter!  Thank God.  And another note: if hell does break loose, be kind enough to remove him from my earshot.

Thank you.

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