I'm not really a ranting type of person in real life. Honestly, I'm not. This is my healthy therapy space where I can write about what ticks me off about other mothers, rather than having it rolling about in my head like a boiling vat of snakes.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mothers who ... are involved in everything

These mothers are the ones who:

  • are on the parent-teacher committee
  • are the 'accompanying parent volunteer' on every excursion
  • if there is a bake sale, contribute at least four items
  • turn up to every athletics and swimming carnival
  • sit at the back of the room during dance/martial arts/etc class watching every move
  • Etc., etc. etc.
They put the rest of us to shame.  They put a capital M in Mother, as Mothering is their job.  Sometimes it extends even further into all-organic, all-cotton, all home-made delirium.  And that is fine, as long as you don't look down on the rest of us human-type-people who have other things to do and pressures to face.   Additionally, you need to see that line where your kid might prefer you to back off a bit.

Don't you need an life too?  I know I do!

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